About us

I know what you are thinking:

“Oh hey, look! Another Android blog, as if we don’t have enough of these already. *sigh*”.

Honestly, I get it. There are more Android blogs than Android phones out there and the count will only increase with every passing day. So, why AndroidMore? How is it any different?

Have you come across an Android blog that:

  • Has a cr*p load of auto-generated spam content. Like, literally thousands of pages of articles (in broken English, lol) with only a few words changed in each of them? I understand the pain.
  • Has unusually long-written articles to solve simple problems? They don’t write for humans – they write for bots to get ranked in Google.
  • Has a zillion ads everywhere that you can’t even read the content? Hey, I’m all in for making money – writers gotta eat. But sometimes, greed takes over.
  • Has a horrible UI that makes your eyes bleed? Been there.

And the list (and the pain) goes on.



AndroidMore is built with the idea to provide no-nonsense, clean, to-the-point content, and user experience to the readers.

I could go on for another 2500 words to explain why AndroidMore is great (my opinion may be a little biased though) but let’s just leave it here.

Suggestions? Questions? Feedback? I’m all ears; reach out to me any time.

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