ADB is Not Recognized Error | How to Fix

by | December 16, 2019

In this guide, learn how to fix the “adb is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file” error in less than 5 minutes.


The error that we are dealing with here is one of the most common issues faced by people who are trying to use the adb command on their Windows-based computers. Windows operating system needs proper drivers to properly work with other devices. Sometimes, even if you install the drivers, errors tend to happen and it is completely normal. The ‘adb is not recognized‘ error is one of the most common errors that come with improper or partial or faulty adb installations.

“adb is not recognized” error

How to Fix ADB is Not Recognized Error?

  1. Make sure you have installed the latest ADB and Fastboot tools on your computer before proceeding any further.
  2. On your Windows PC, search for “Advanced System Settings” from the start menu.

    Search for “Advanced System Settings”

  3. Next, click on the Environmental Variables button all the way at the bottom.

    Click on “Environment Variables”

  4. In the next screen, click on the “Path” under the “System variables” section and then click on the “Edit…” button.

    Select “Path”

  5. In the following popup, click on ‘Browse…‘ button.


  6. In the next screen, browse for and select the folder where you have installed the ADB and Fastboot on your computer. In my case, it was in the below location:

    Select ADB Installation folder

  7. Once you select the folder, simply click on the ‘OK‘ button and ‘adb’ will added to the environment variable now.

    ADB is added as an environment variable.

Now the ‘adb not recognized’ error should be fixed.

Check if the ‘adb is not recognized’ Error is Fixed

Method 1: Using command prompt

  1. Go to the folder where adb and fastboot are installed.
  2. In the address bar, simply type ‘cmd‘ and hit enter. Open-Command-Prompt-from-Address-Bar
  3. In the command window that opens, type ‘adb‘ and hit enter and it should show all the available commands.Check-ADB-Command-Prompt

Method 2: Using Windows PowerShell

  1. Go to the folder where adb and fastboot are installed.
  2. Now, hold down the Shift Key + Right Click > Selecy Open PowerShell Window here’.Open-PowerShell-Window-Windows
  3. In the command window that opens, type ‘adb‘ and hit enter and it should show all the available commands.Check-ADB-PowerShell

I hope this guide helped you fix ‘adb is not recognized’ error on your computer. If you are still facing the same issues, try to remove any older installations of the adb you might have on your PC and start afresh by installing the adb and fastboot from here: ADB and Fastboot Tools.

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