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by | 22 Jul 2020

SamFirm Tool is a Windows application that helps users download the latest Samsung Stock Firmware directly from Samsung. In this guide, we will show you how to download the latest stock firmware for Samsung Galaxy devices using SamFirm Tool.

SamFirm Tool | Download

Before proceeding to the tutorial on how to download latest stock firmware using SamFirm, make sure you have the latest version of the tool. You can get the latest version of the tool from below: – Latest Version


  1. Windows-based PC.
  2. Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5Microsoft Visual C++ 2008, and Visual C++ 2010 installed on the PC.

Steps to Download Samsung Stock Firmware Using SamFirm Tool

  1. Download the latest version of SamFirm Tool on your computer.
  2. Extract the downloaded zip file.
  3. Double-click on the ‘SamFirm.exe‘ file to open the tool.
  4. The tool needs only two inputs: Your device model number and region to which it belongs to.
    Model: You can easily find out your device Model Number by going to Settings > About Phone.
    Region: For this, you need to enter the CSC (Country Specific Code) Code of your device. You can find this out by looking for your Country Code here: Samsung CSC Codes. Or, you could also download this app which will give that information: Phone INFO ★SAM★.
  5. Once you enter the above information, simply click on ‘Check Updates‘ and the tool will show the information about the latest available firmware. SamFirm-Tool-Download-Samsung-Stock-Firmware-1
  6. Next, to download the ROM, simply click on the ‘Download Rom‘ button and you will be asked where to save the file, choose a convenient location. Note: Make sure ‘Decrypt Automatically‘ checkbox is enabled.SamFirm-Tool-Download-Samsung-Stock-Firmware-2
  7. Your file will start downloading and you will be shown the status of the download and the speed in which the updates are downloading.SamFirm-Tool-Download-Samsung-Stock-Firmware-3
  8. Done.

The latest Samsung Stock Firmware for your Samsung Galaxy device will be downloaded to your PC. You can flash this firmware on your Samsung device to get the latest software and security features on your Samsung Galaxy.

What is SamFirm?

SamFirm is a Windows PC application that helps the user to download the latest stock firmware for their Samsung Galaxy devices. The specialty of this tool is that it downloads all the latest stock firmware (Odin flashable files) directly from official Samsung servers.

According to the developer, the SamFirm tool has been deprecated and replaced by But the good thing is that it works perfectly fine even today to download the latest stock firmware of the latest Samsung Galaxy devices.

The only downside I found using this tool is that it only has the option to download the latest available software. If you want to download older versions, you are out of luck here. In such cases, you might have to look in 3rd party websites.

Credits and Thanks to the developer for the tool: zxz0O0

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