[LIST] System Apps that are Safe to Remove on Samsung Devices

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Updated on 26 Jun 2020

Android devices come pre-installed with all sorts of apps and it is getting worse with every passing day. The users are stuck with these apps no matter they use them or not. These pre-installed apps, also called as bloatware, take up space and memory on your device for no good reason. Samsung devices are some of the most affected devices when it comes to this issue. Samsung installs tons of apps that are no good and also there are tons of unnecessary system apps pre-installed in most Samsung devices. In this guide, we are bringing a list of bloatware/system apps that are safe to remove from Samsung Galaxy devices.

List of Removable Bloatware on Galaxy Devices

Samsung devices come with a lot of apps that are installed as system apps. Now, it is important to note here that almost all the apps in Samsung devices, out of the box, are installed as system apps. Meaning that you cannot simply remove/uninstall these apps unless you have root on your device. Not all these apps are unnecessary and removing a core app which is needed for the device to function properly may cause undesired results. So, it is very important that you only remove the apps that are actually safe to remove. Before getting to the list, here’s a small information to help understand bloatware better.

What is bloatware?

The term “bloatware” stands for a software/app that comes preinstalled on your device which is of no use to the user. These apps are installed as system app which means that the user will not be able to simply ‘uninstall’ the app like they would with the normal apps. This way, the user is forced to have/use the app on their device. The OEMs do that mostly when they collaborate with a specific app/company to promote a particular app in question. Also, the carriers install quite a bit of bloatware on the devices they carry.

Why is bloatware bad?

  • They take up space. And they grow bigger in size with every update.
  • They run the background and constantly consume RAM.
  • They pollute the app drawer and spoil the whole user experience.
  • User doesn’t have a choice to install them.

List of System Apps on Samsung device that are safe to Remove

Here comes the ultimate list of all the bloatware apps that you can safely remove from your Samsung Galaxy device. Please note that that you may not find all of them on your Galaxy. For example, one app might be present in Galaxy S7 but not in the Galaxy S10 or the vice versa. This list covers all the Samsung Galaxy devices that have ever existed.


The below list of apps is compiled from the community. These apps are safe to remove from your Samsung Galaxy device. That said, please take a full back up of your device before proceeding. It is always recommended to have a backup before permanently modifying your device. Proceed with caution.

In case if you are wondering how to remove the below apps, we have a short guide in the next section. Be sure to check it out!

  • Airmotiontryactually.apk
  • Alarmwidget.apk
  • AllShareCastPlayer.apk
  • AllshareControlShare.apk
  • AllshareFileShare.apk
  • AllshareFileShareClient.apk
  • AllshareFileShareServer.apk
  • AllshareMediaServer.apk
  • AllshareMediaShare.apk
  • AllSharePlay15.apk
  • BasicDreams.apk
  • Blurb.apk
  • Books.apk
  • ChatON_feature.apk
  • ChatONV_J.apk
  • ChocoEUKor.apk
  • Chrome.apk
  • CHS_J_Device_only.apk
  • CloudAgent.apk
  • Clockpackage.apk
  • Collage_fhd.apk
  • Colourblind.apk
  • Com2usPoker_ASGC.apk
  • CoolEUKor.apk
  • DigitalClock21.apk
  • DigitalClock.apk
  • DioDict3service.apk
  • Directconnect.apk
  • DirectshareManager.apk
  • DroidSansSherifItalic.apk
  • Dropbox.apk
  • DropboxOOBE.apk
  • DSMForwarding.apk
  • DSMLawmo.apk
  • DualClockDigital.apk
  • Earth.apk
  • EasyFavouritesContactsWidget.apk
  • Easylauncher.apk
  • ELMAgent.apk
  • Episodes.apk
  • Eraser.apk
  • Flipboard.apk
  • FotaClient.apk
  • FWUpgrade.apk
  • GroupPlay_20.apk
  • GroupPlay_20.apk
  • HealthContentProvider.apk
  • Hearingdro.apk
  • InteractiveTutorial.apk
  • Kies.apk
  • kieswifi.apk
  • KikinSearch.apk
  • KnoxAgent.apk
  • LocalFOTA.apk
  • Magazines.apk
  • Match3VS.apk
  • Minimode-res.apk
  • MobilePrint2.apk
  • MobilePrintSvc_CUPS.apk
  • MobilePrintSvc_Epson.apk
  • MobilePrintSvc_HP.apk
  • MobilePrintSvc_Samsung.apk
  • MobileTrackerEngineTwo.apk
  • MusicLiveShare.apk
  • MusicPlayerWT.apk
  • Music2.apk
  • Navigator_Select_Samsung.apk
  • NfcTest.apk
  • NoiseField.apk
  • OmaCP.apk
  • Peel.apk
  • PageBuddyNotiSvc2.apk
  • PhaseBeam.apk
  • PicAction.apk
  • PickUpTutorial.apk
  • PlusOne.apk
  • PolarisViewer5.apk
  • PreloadInstaller.apk
  • PrismBooks.apk
  • PrismGames.apk
  • PrismLearning.apk
  • PrismMusic.apk
  • PrismStore.apk
  • PrismVideo.apk
  • RoseEUKor.apk
  • S-Voice_Android_Phone_J.apk
  • S_Translator_CSLi.apk
  • SamsungApps_J_Only.apk
  • SamsungAppsUNA3.apk
  • SamsungBooks.apk
  • SamsungGames.apk
  • SamsungHub.apk
  • SamsungHubUpdater.apk
  • SamsungLearning.apk
  • SamsungOCR2.apk
  • SamsungSans.apk
  • Samsungservice.apk
  • SamsungTTS.apk
  • SamsungTTS_white.apk
  • SamsungWidget_ProgramMonitor.apk
  • SamsungSans.apk
  • SBrowser.apk
  • SBrowserTry.apk
  • sCloudBackupApp.apk
  • sCloudBackupProvider.apk
  • sCloudDataRelay.apk
  • sCloudDataSync.apk
  • sCloudQuotaApp.apk
  • sCloudSyncCalendar.apk
  • sCloudSyncContacts.apk
  • sCloudSyncSBrowserBookmark.apk
  • sCloudSyncSBrowserTabs.apk
  • sCloudSyncSNote.apk
  • SecDownloadProviderUi.apk
  • SecEmail_J.apk
  • SecExchange.apk
  • SecSafetyAssurance.apk
  • SecNoteMyFiles.apk
  • SecSetupWizard2013.apk
  • SecVideoList.apk
  • SecWalletManager.apk
  • SetupWizard.apk
  • SHealth2.apk
  • SimpleWidget.apk
  • SmartBriefing4x2.apk
  • SNS.apk
  • SMemo2.apk
  • SNoteProvider.apk
  • SphericalMosaic.apk
  • SPlannerAppWidget.apk
  • SPPPushClient_Prod.apk
  • StoryAlbumWidget.apk
  • S_Translator_CSLi.apk
  • S-Voice_Android_phone_J.apk
  • Talk.apk
  • Talkback.apk
  • TravelService.apk
  • TravelWidget.apk
  • TrimApp_phone_J.apk
  • TripAdvisor.apk
  • Velvet.apk
  • VoiceRecorder.apk
  • VoiceSearchStub.apk
  • WeatherWidgetDaemon.apk
  • WebManual.apk
  • WfdBroker.apk
  • WlanTest.apk
  • wssyncmlnps.apk
  • YahoonewsPhone2013.apk
  • YahoostockPhone2013.apk
  • YosemitePHN.apk
  • YouTube.apk

How to Uninstall Bloatware on Samsung Devices

As we have already said before, the bloatware apps are usually installed as system apps on Samsung Galaxy devices. So, you would need root access on your Galaxy to get rid of them. Once you have rooted your device, you have to install a root explorer on your device. There are many options but we prefer the below two:

  1. MiXplorer
  2. File Explorer Root Browser

After you install any of the root explorers, simply go to the System > App folder on your device and look for the package name you want to remove (from the list above) and simply delete the same. Be sure to reboot your device for the changes to take effect.

That is the complete list of bloatware that you can remove from the Samsung Galaxy Android device. Hope the list helps. If you have more apps that can be added to the list, do let us know in the comments down below.

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